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Who Is Reverie?

Reverie Custom Creations is a small, family owned business based in Birmingham, AL. We hand craft each of our concrete containers from start to finish as well as custom blend each of our fragrances. Our mission is ensure quality and individuality to each piece that is created from our studio while keeping our style simple and luxurious. 

Alabama Candles
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There are so many options on repurposing your candle vessel, so do not throw that container out when your candle is finished burning! Here are some of our favorite ways to repurpose your container:

  • use as a cute planter. 

  • decorate your office and use as a pen holder

  • store your extra change

  • dress up your bathroom space and utilize it to hold makeup brushes

  • cotton balls

  • add a cute washcloth with a soap for a guest bathroom. 


We feel that finding that perfect scent is so important, which is why we provide a custom fragrance line that gives a variety to everyone. We custom blend our fragrances so they are unique to Reverie, and we are here to help you find your perfect fragrance selection. We are continuing to add new fragrances, so be sure and check back often with us. 

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