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Reverie Custom Creations LLC was started over five years ago in Mississippi where we (my husband and I) started out doing wholesale and I used my marketing background to start creating custom labels for businesses and fundraisers for schools. Just like many of us, Covid effected our family, among many other things, and I was forced to quit my full time job as I focused my time on our family. If you have talked to me at any length of time, you will quickly know that my main focus is my love for my family and our two beautiful sons. Covid has brought challenges, like it has to many small businesses. This past year I focused on overcoming obstacles such as supply in demand on containers, and taught myself how to make concrete vessels so that I can have containers on hand, even if that means making them myself. Fast forward to where we are now, five years has gone by quickly but my love and passion for what I do has only increased a million times. I love talking with other business owners, realtors, clients, etc and being able to help create something that is unique just for them that matches their style and brand.  So this is me in a quick summary and this is Reverie.


Thank you for your love and support!


About Us

Reverie Custom Creations

REV-ER-IE - The state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.

This definition perfectly describes what we at Reverie Custom Creations strive to provide our customers in each product we create.  Every custom scent that we bring to life is inspired by the things in life that warm our hearts, makes us dream and even the things that make us sing.  These inspirations have such emotional stories that are ingrained in our souls and we want that emotion and passion to be revealed in each product that you try.  This world can be a difficult place, but here at Reverie, we want you to take a few moments and join us on a ride into cognitive bliss.

We use only 100% natural soy wax in our candles and melts with eco friendly wicks and we strive to bring quality products for an affordable price.

Josh and Rachel Cherry

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