Tailgate: Alluring blend of bergamot, green cactus, citrus and orange.

Staycation: Oceanic notes of tropical fruits mixed with a soft aroma of sweet caramel, tobacco and warm amber

Ski-Daddle: Aromatic blend of mango, tangerine with notes of lemon and jasmine.

Daydreamer: Cool but spicy blend of black pepper, sparkling fruit, with a warm, woodsy undertone.

Socialite: Top notes of magnolia, carnation and fresh cotton with a hint of gardenia and green apple.

Chateau: Sweet mixed citrus notes, green herbs and basil, thyme and spring greens, anchored by vetiver and patchouli.

Outer Banks: A warm mixture of oak moss, oceanic undertones of amber, vanilla and citrus.

Sunshades & Beach Waves: Fruity blend of island coconut, ripe mango and sweet pomegranate.

Homestead: Alabama blend of kudzu, cotton and a hint of vanilla.

Cahaba Currant: Popular blend of red currant and citrus.

Skinny Dippin': Fruity mix of strawberries, cherry and vanilla with notes of watermelon.

Sunday Brunch: Crisp dew with mandarin oranges, tangerines and berries.

Wine Down: Sophisticated blend of red wine with notes of berry and grapes.

Heirloom: Luxury linen with undertones of cashmere.

Southern Garden: Honeysuckle and magnolia blossom.

Debonair: Fresh citrus, jasmine, lily and earthy amber.

High Falutin: Strawberry with notes of mimosa and vanilla, sandalwood and pear berry.

County Fair: Sweet blend of watermelon, lemonade and cotton candy.