Candle Container Options

Green corrugated tin candles 

Silver corrugated tin candles

10 Oz Campfire Mug's

22 Oz Hobnail Containers

11 Oz Glass Container

11 Oz Standard Container in

           Custom Tube

8 Oz Vintage Glass Container

Custom Pottery Collection

Our pottery is custom made by Mockingbird Pottery from Blue Mountain, Mississippi. They make this pottery exclusively for Reverie so that we can pass these one of a kind pieces with our custom fragrance on to you! The glaze colors can be customized as well as the candle scent. 

Mississippi Pottery Candles

      State Pottery Candles (Additional States To Be Added)

Straight and Flared Tumbler
Pottery Candles

Cotton Boll

12 Oz Square Pottery Candle

Straight Sided Coffee Mug

Flared Coffee Mug

Olive Wood Collection

Olive wood is found throughout the Mediterranean. These bowls are poured with premium soy wax and are reusable once the wax has been burned down.  These will make a great item to add to your home decor or dinner serving piece once the candle  has been used. Each olive wood piece will vary in shape and size, no two pieces are ever the same. 

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